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We aim to create beautiful tools & things,
and wish for beautiful harmony and prosperity.
In ancient times, apes were awarded their wisdom along with how to use tools
Apes used bars as tools to get fruit from high places
They had developed new skills for processing bones and stones to make the bars, and they eventually made fire and metals.
This is how human knowledge has been steadily and rapidly advancing
A creative mind means to imagine new types of tools, in addition to using them well
To produce tools that have never been seen, with great imagination and ingenuity.
These creative powers can also help make a rich and harmonious society
We wish that our work at Mitaku Industry Co. LTD will be a great business that continues to imagine a happy and prosperous future of development


We bravely challenge the things that we may not be able to do,

and this creates Mitaku's future portrait.

Our job is to "make the tools to produce tools

We believe that we have responded to our clients' request in the best way by demonstrating our originality based on daring new ideas; "We do anything" since Mitaku Industry Co., LTD was founded

Now our business has been expanding to not only product design, planning and layout, but also installation of plant equipment and or their maintenance. This expansion has come from our strong emphasis on research and study as "We provide a completely new technology

As time has been shifting, our belief as professional craftsman who are involved in "Monozukuri " is

One man cannot do anything by himself. However, nothing will begin unless one man starts something

We would like to stick with this challenging spirit as a base of our corporate philosophy

Another truth of "Monozukuri"; "Monozukuri" is a result of the effort supported by the knowledge of many "technical collection of wisdom".
We will strive to improve the integration and development of technology

We will continue adhering to our corporate stance and to meet a wide range of requests from clients



Mitaku Industry Co., LTD
 President / Hitoshi Ushiyama

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